Friday, January 11, 2013

{My sweet Benny}

Wow, wasn't today's weather just beautiful ?! Who would have ever guessed that it was January!! So we took advantage of this beautiful day and had some playtime outside! My little sugar & I took a wagon ride all through our neighborhood, chalked some and played on the swing set in the back yard. Needless to say, my child was a MUDDY mess from where all the snow had melted & it had rained the other day..We finished up our play time with a bubble bath with "Jake" {his favorite bath toy}!
My little sugar is currently passed out for a nap !! I'm patiently waiting on him to awake while I write in this blog so we can go to Larosa's for dinner !! WAKE UP BENNY ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spray Paint

Recently, I've became a big fan of spray paint! I never knew how many things you could actually get away with spray painting instead of throwing it out & replacing it! Everyone should look into this before they replace something.. I mean what's the worst thats going to happen? You'll end up throwing it away anyway? 
There are a few tricks when it comes to spray painting and I'm going to share some of them which I have learned :
What you'll need: Sandpaper (depending on the surface you may want to use a palm sander to save some time, small surfaces normal sanding by hand will do), primer (spray), spray paint, protective cloth or cardboard to lay down while spraying. 
Effective Time use: Consider sanding, priming & spraying several things at once to save on time!
What to wear: Recommend taking any jewelry off first considering I did spray my wedding ring with black spray paint and wasn't a happy camper ( Thankfully mineral spirits will wipe it right off), and wear old clothing that you don't care about.
Clean it first: Wipe off your object with a damp rag to remove dust.
Where to paint: Paint outside!!
Spray paint travels: Spray paint can shoot pretty far - be careful not to spray any unwanted items !!
Use primer: Just another reminder .. USE PRIMER ! Trust me ..
Technique: Follow directions on the can & use quick back and forth hand motions not getting the can too close to the object which can lead to messy drips.
All angles: Spray painting takes time .. be patient, get all angles of the object. If needed: Let dry, flip over and spray opposite side.
Allow dry time: Enough said..

Since day 1 of living in our house I have always hated the bronze/gold door knobs that we have throughout every door handle in our house. I have desperately wanted to replace them since we've moved in. However, with me being a stay at home momma and us only having 1 income.. That really wasn't something I WANTED to spend our money on.. I just wanted a quick fix! I decided to spray them. I would recommend using RUST-OLEUM Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze for door knobs. I also bought the same RUST-OLEUM brand primer, which I used the color Grey. 

A whopping $20 dollars .. Not too shabby for a quick fix !!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Always planning a party !!


So I'm always planning some type of party in my head. I would say it's a little crazy! But I really have no control over how much I love party planning. Geesh- I should have went to school for event planning, right? Well, I didn't .. So I just do it for fun I'm constantly thinking of what my son's next birthday party is going be themed. Well,  he JUST turned 2 November 2nd ! It's only January .. I'm a little ahead of myself.. Yeah, Yeah.. I know ! BUT, in my defense I like to be on top of things .. That way I can buy stuff here and there and it doesn't all add up so quickly! I hate being last minute on stuff and having to fork out a butt load of money last minute on silly things such as crafts, decorations, party favors and silly stuff. I mean after all were already forking out a lot of money last minute on drinks, food & cake !! So for my son's 1st birthday I chose the theme of primary colors for his party. Something simple, I mean he's 1 he didn't have a favorite TV show yet. I even wanted to bake his cake for him. It ended up not even being enough to feed the massive amount of people that I invited..and it was super dry! (it's the thought the counts right) Anyway, It turned out SUPER cute ! 

Right after his 1st birthday I started planning his 2nd birthday! I got so ahead of myself and chose the theme Dr. Seuss !! What kid doesn't love Dr. Seuss right? Such a cute party, and after reading all these party blogs I came up with so many cute ideas. I even purchased the perfect "crazy looking" cupcake holder for my thing 1 & thing 2 cupcakes to sit in. Well, as the months went on before his 2nd birthday he didn't like Dr.Seuss so much. It was just a theme "momma loved" and WANTED him to have. His new addiction was Toystory..Well, mainly "Woody" off Toystory. So I couldn't make him have a dr.seuss party since he didn't like it.. that wouldn't be fair.. Right ? Well I did a last minute switch a roo and we had a round up party !! With the help of a few friends my last minute party turned out super cute! I wanted to keep it cute & crafty but simple this time since his 1st birthday was out of control and WAY too many people. We stuck to just family & a couple friends! I wanted to make his cake again this year even though my first one turned out awful, I decided to ask for "help". My friend Kristen as I call her "the cake diva" was so kind and decided to take on this project with me.. Who knew how much work and sweat went into making a 3 tear cake .. NOT ME.. Whew! Thankfully Kristen took me shopping and we bought all of our ingredients for the cake. We spent a whole week working on a little bit of each day. I  never knew how hard it was to make your own fondant.. But our cake ended up turning out ADORABLE. As far as my other friend, Sam she has a little crafty gene in her too and was able to help make Bennett's party favor tags & food signs for his party in a cow print & bandana print! They were super cute and she had such patience with my pickyness and they turned out exactly like what I had wanted..and to top it off they were FREE.. Benefit of talented friends, right? We ended up having an awesome turn out for this little family party & Bennett enjoyed ALL his toystory theme gifts.. One spoiled kiddo !

(excuse my crude photoshop skills while removing my address for privacy) ;)
Now for Bennett's 3rd birthday ideas.. Hm, Wonder what he'll like by the time November rolls around?! ;)
I'm ready to start planning for our next birthday party!!
{Life should be celebrated!}

Monday, January 7, 2013

                  TYPICAL MOMMY GO TO OUTFIT :
   This is my typical outfit of choice "leggings or yoga pants" This is the perfect "GO-TO" outfit for a momma! Cute & comfy.. Who wouldn't want that right? To top it off my perfect boots I just got from Baker's ! LOVE them !! They go with everything you could possibly imagine! I've been such a slacker when it comes to getting ready and making myself look presentable so I've been taking some fashion tips from my dear friend Meghan. However, she is a little more fancy than myself ;) But you should check her blog out for cute updates & she even explains where every piece of clothing comes from !! She's a super cute blogger.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Finally jumping on the blog bandwagon. Bare with me while I learn how to operate this gem! First off just wanted to start by introducing myself, Jessica & my amazing family .. my fiance,Troy & my son, Bennett. These two are my whole entire life. Not sure where I would be today without either one of these handsome boys!